Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back in Loerto after a week in La Paz

It has been a few weeks btw my blog enteries... So I guess an update is in order. The beach is only three blocks from "River del Mar" where we are staying. We take brakes and relax on the beach for an hour or, very nice. I love the Sea!

One Sunday we took a walk to the small marina; John wanted to see where the locals fish off the rocks. As sat on the rocks and enjoyed the sea breeze we saw a group of Mexicans jumping off the rocks into the sea.

"WOW!" we both said.

"Únete a nosotros vamos!" Come on join us, we hear from the guys to in
Spainsh. John at first hesitaed then went for it. "Otra ves - Again" I told him and he jumped
again! on top of sharing the rock with John they gave him a beer; how cool is that they just meet John and because he jumpped off
the rock with them they gave him a beer.

John and I are back in Loreto and are doing okay...Loreto is very much like SF but the Malecon and city had little to zero trash. Mountains behind and sea in front - we love it!

La Paz is nice but only has one RV Park in town well out of town about 10 miles. We had to ride the Bus each day and then walk block before we could even do business, a harder nut
to crack. Because of the distance we really did not get to see anything but the malecon nice but there is still more to see and experiance. With the Car we will be able to do just that in all the cities we go to...less gas and more exporing!

John is going to SF to get our car so we can explore areas, as I said above, we have been limited to foot and bike; whick is okay but we are missing out on business and fun! in the coming weeks will be building Loreto La Paz, San Jose del Cabo, Cobo, & Santo Thomas. In Aug we should be in SF again for the Steel Drum concert Aug 11th at Jolly Mon and then to Santa Barbara Sept 5th for Troy's Wedding.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pack Travels Part 2

The Advernture of Pack Travels Part 2
We left San Felipe Friday June 5th at 6:30pm and took MX-3 across to Ensenada; along the way we ran into racers, pit crew, and views of the Baja 500...yes we left the same day the race stared. We have a lot if traffic - Crazy drivers!

1st stop Estero Beach - we arrive at around 11pm and did not get settled until about 1am (after getting gas and food). The park was nice & clean over looking an Estuary with infinity pool, hot tub, showers, laundry facilities, & of course Full Hook ups...all the comforts of home! In the morning we use our time to get things in order. I started to put all the stuff I brought - TOO Much; and John worked on the outside getting the compartments in order.

When we left John said "there is now way we have room for all this stuff." and I replied "Wait to see the magic of Rachel" and I continued to work on organizing and unpacking 'doing my magic' as John drove.

2nd stop stopped in Catavina at an RV Park for $6/night Dry Camping. We had dinner at the restaurant, it was okay but expencive for my 2 tacos, John's breakfast, two beers, with the $6.00 camp to $26 or $28! I will always ask "¿Cuánto cuesta?" (how much does it cost?) if there are not prices listed. It was tight quarters as I still had too much stuff and my magic was not working. We managed to get the bed cleared so we could sleep.

I forgot to tell you a large part of the story...including all the STUFF, John, & myself; we have two cats (Cheeto & Max) & Cia our new puppy. We joke that we are a traveling ZOO...all us animals!

Head South - We got up June 7th and left Catavina at 8:15am for Loreto. We had Fruit and Yogurt for breakfast and started the Day. The wheels on the bus, trolley, no RV go round and round round and round...Through Gurrero Negro about 10:55am; then to Mulege where we dropped off Guide to Butha's and El Burro. We continued and 5:30pm finally we made it to Loerto; driving around looking for two parts that we had in two travel guides - could not find them...have not fear we found a great park with everything for only $105.00/week. Full hook ups, shower, laundry, and it is gated with great security "Rivera del Mar". This home for about 10 days!