Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Working through it all!

Today has been a tough day...I had to do the distribution and wow I forgot how much I hated it!

I have not worked out in four days and I am ready to get started AGAIN. and get back on my eating schedule that works and easy to do...we will see. I know I can do it I have to make the time. to ME! Make it happen 20 pounds to lose and tone and firm my body that I (& John) loves.

Life is rough and we are working though it all to make it and do the things we want, see the things we want and just be who we want with out all the stress of doing it all.

That is it for today :) - Rachel

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Life...

Life is a growing process; Family life takes compromise.
I remember growing up and trying to figure out where I fit in the world and how I fit in the Family. Sometimes I thought I was lucky because I only had one set of parents to deal with and sometimes I thought I got the short end of the stick because I only had one set of parents to deal with.

I do not know that is better - but what I do know that my Mom and Dad loved me and still love my no matter what. They have and will be mad at me for things they may not agree with, but they always try to be there for me the best they can.

I can recall a time when I did not talk to my parents to months at a time. This was during the time I lived in a studio apt. this was not a shinning time in my life. Only calling when I needed money or food, but not to just talk and see how life was treating them or how Grandpa was...They were always there to listen to my troubles and woes and never scolded or put me down.

I started to remember this time when Liamarie sent a e-mail after we had a great time in July 2008 when she visited us. We went swimming, to the beach, tide pool searching, and just hung out with her. We all had a great time...that we thought.

I can not paste the e-mail as she has deleted her myspace profile and the e-mail is gone...basicly she requested that we stay out of her life so she can figture out stuff and finish school. So we have and we will. This does not make us happy please we Love you....John is sad and cries somtimes hoping she is okay. all we want is for her to be a strong and self supportive person. So we go on with our family life growing together and hoping for Liamarie to figture out that she has a part in out family life.

Life is a growing process; Family life takes compromise.
Rachel Pack

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day One - Feeling Good!

Today is the day 1 - Getting fit and health again! Eating right & keeping a regular exercise program.

I just turned 36 yesterday and I am not happy with the way I have let myself get out of shape. I know I should not be "show" ready, but I should look and feel good naked or in a swimsuit. Today I do not look the way I feel I should, So I make a commitment to myself that I want to drop 20 pounds and tone up. So I feel good in and out of clothes.