Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dairy - Sat. July 20, 2013

Sat. July 20, 2013
Today started cloudy and cool in Campo Ocoillios. I watered and cleaned up the yards thinking it was a good time before it got too hot. "What I nice day, beautiful and cool!" This is just not normally weather in San Felipe in the middle of July. So I hung out in the hammik and relaxed enjoying it all. John woke up and came out for a few minutes followed by us making breakfast and listening to music.

John has been playing his guitar since Pancho and Sal visit. It is great for him to have something other then work to get his mind focused on. The only trouble is that John's has a one track mind and is music crazy. I am learning to play the drums and precisions, it is coming but a little slow. I like it just not sure about it all.

In the office now downloading music and movies for tonight. Nice to have a cloudy cool day for a Saturday.