Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back Home in San Felipe!

John & I are back in San Felipe - Home Base for us

We arrived in San Felipe a week before the 2010 International Blues and Arts Fiesta We worked to get all the last minute marketing for the event. Then enjoyed the fun filled day listening to blues music, viewed some of the best artist in Baja, and enjoyed food and drink through out the day.

For the first time we are going to stay on our El Dorado Property...sooo cool! We have relocated a few of our cactus and bought a great lava rock that John painted our lot number with white and yellow paint. We will be starting to build a small patio and outdoor kitchen to relax and entertain our close friends and family on during these next few months here in San Felipe. Happy to be Home!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Diary - Update San Felipe to Vincente Guerrero

Friday, March 12, 2010
San Ignacio - NO GAS: We're still in San Ignacio. Our plan was to leave today, but we then found out there is no bank and we didn't have enough money for gas. So, we borrowed 200 pesos from our friends, packed up and drove to the gas station only to find there is no gas. We are now at Las Palmas campground waiting for gas to arrive, they said maybe later today, but we know how that can go in Baja. With any luck gas will be here later today and we can get to Guerrero Negro by this afternoon. Our goal is to be in San Felipe next week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010
San Ignacio River & Lagoon: Today we moved from Rice & Beans to a wonderful spot next to the San Ignacio river. We can actually hear the frogs outside on the river bank. We're in the middle of date palm orchard, and it's very quiet. Tomorrow we are going to the lagoon for pictures. We hope to be back on the road tomorrow afternoon on our way to Guerrero Negro.

Thursday, March 10, 2010
Mulege to San Ignacio:Today we arrived at Rice & Beans in San Ignacio. Took us 3 hours from Mulege. Stopped in Santa Rosalia to look for a tire for the RV, the left dually is getting bald. No tires in Santa Rosalia or San Ignacio. Rice & Beans is $250 pesos per night, but has full hookups. We're recharging our batteries and filling and dumping our holding tanks. Tomorrow we will look for something different.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Playa Santispac: Tomorrow we'll be leaving Playa Santispac in Mulege and heading to San Ignacio. The beach is beautiful, although we have had lots of wind. Gary and Patricia are going to wait a day before leaving. Today we met our new distributor, she is very excited and has already done an amazing job getting the magazine out to people. When we stopped to visit an RV park to get info for next month RV edition, they already knew us and wanted to advertise.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Loreto - March 3rd

Back in Loreto again...
We have been here for about 5 day from La Paz where stayed for 7 day trying to get our generator serviced...finally we got the the parts and the parts replaced but we need a new carburetor. We decide to wait and get the new generator in Ensenada when we get home.

During our time in Las Barrriles BCS Mexico we saw the sights of Santiago, San Jose del Cabo, and Todos Santos. I will talk about those adventures later...So Back in Loreto and tomorrow on our way to Mulege for a few day of RR on the Beach and play in the water. The Bay of Conception is the first place in Mexico John and I vacationed together. We stayed in the same Palapa that John sister and her boyfriend stayed months before, but did not know until we saw her name carved into one of the post of the Palapa. Then last year we went we meet friend and camped on the beach and had somme great dinner over the camp fire. We hope to do the something next week.