Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baja Walk 2012

Remembering our history...

Baja Walk 2012
On May 12 of 2012, John and Rachel Pack embarked on the journey of their lives. The Baja Walk 2012 was a great adventure that you never would expected. The rugged terrain, the harsh weather, the unexpected hardships – they contributed to an outcome neither of them could have ever anticipated. The most astonishing occurrence was related to John’s health. Even though he had always been an avid hiker, he was caught by surprise when the injuries made by the car accident he had in his 20s came back to him. This was caused by his heavy 80 lbs. backpack which was later on replaced with a cart.

=== The Baja Walk 2012 Book is coming soon! ===
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Friday, April 29, 2016

John (Six) and Rachel Pack - The Dynamic Duo

About John (Seis) and Rachel Pack

Combined with over 55 years of experience in Design, Printing, Marketing, and Event Promotion; between J. Sais and Rachel Pack have worked with a host of different individuals, brands and organizations. Combining their event production expertise, they have promoted over 150 concerts, along with countless sporting, fundraising and entertainment events. This is an addition their design and print, radio, video and internet media. Awarded with a number of prestigious accolades, J. Seis and Rachel are the dynamic duo.

Now as The Wild Pack is as the name implies, WILD. It is a blues rock band made up of a forever changing cast of musicians, with Johnny and Rachel Pack as founding members and the only two consistent members. Johnny on guitars and vocals and Rachel on bass and vocals.

The band was formed in 2013 after spending almost a lifetime backstage, producing events and most recently blues festivals; John and Rachel Pack decided to form a band to allow them to travel and play music with musicians far and wide, out there in the WILD!