Thursday, July 2, 2009

Virgo working to be balanced in life...

Virgo working to be balanced in life...
Today I ran on the Malecon for the 2nd time this week with Cai. She has a lot to learn about staying close and minding, she is still a puppy and I try to work with her everyday.
6:45am I left the RV Park (Rivera del Mar) and walked to the Malecon and then ran to the end and back. on the way back I ran in sprints to get Cai working and Me of course...I kick my ass. Good job today Rach!
Later in the pm I will do the circuit planned for Thursday chest, shoulders, hamstrings, and of course core.
Calories intake: 1200 calories a day
Target Heart-Rate is 156 beats per minute
Healthy weight range: 120 to 135 pounds

Daily Total: Calories(g)-1215 Protein(g)-85 Fat(g)-48 Carbs(g)-120 Bicycling, 12 to 13.9 mph: 20 min = 168 Jogging, general:45 min. = 331 Circuit training: 45 min = 378
Total Calories Burned = 877

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